About us

A child is the nucleus of today’s modern family. From choosing a car to buying a bottle of jam, everything revolves around what would make the child comfortable and happy. Researchers across the globe have confirmed on the fact that the first five years are most critical in developing the child's brain network. Preschools play a vital role in a child’s life where he/she learns a lot. At the preschools, that there’s generally a disconnect between home and school. The child might have learnt a new word at school, which the mother might just not be aware of. Those parent-teacher meetings may not be of much help either, for it is not always possible for the poor teacher to remember everything the child did, said or learnt during the day or perhaps the week. While for the parent, it is a big vacuum with regards to contributing to the child’s overall development. In other words, it is like a communication lapse.

The Preschool App stems from the simple idea of enhancing communication between parents and preschools on one level, and parent and child at home on another. While we decided to make something nice for the parents, we thought a little about the teachers and preschool management too. We wanted to make their lives easy by automating all the routine administration activities of the preschool so they can just focus more on what they are good at - molding the people of tomorrow.

Like someone once said, a person is a person no matter how small he/she is. We, The Preschool App team, totally believe in that philosophy and we’ll continue to contribute at least so much in shaping up our future people.

Meet the team

We are a team of people that’s passionate about technology and dedicated towards making it relevant and useful for day-to-day life.
We believe in the institution of family and leave no stone unturned when it comes to choosing the best for our children.
Well, yes there are still a few eligible bachelors in our team, but they believe as much in the philosophy as the married folks do!

Shankar - CEO

Shankar is a doting father of a beautiful princess. While she’s at school, he draws the technical architecture for The Preschool App, so he can help a lot of parents with in-sightful updates about their kid’s activities, just the way he would want to know about his daughter’s progress. Thanks to his decade and half years of software development expertise; he could build this useful app in a matter of months.

Rathakrishnan - Technology

Father to a 14 year old son, Rathakrishnan feels for The Preschool App a lot. He believes that an app like this during the preschool years of his own child would have helped him a lot to understand his son better. After all, all parents want to know how their kids are learning to run phones and games faster than them!

Kamal - Android Lead

Our Android Lead, Kamal is a movie buff and also a budding photographer. Perhaps, the interest in visual arts is the reason why Kamal supports The Preschool App so much! He knows how much power a simple picture or video of a child can make the parents happy!

Kavi - IOS Lead

Our iOS Lead, Kavi has a beautiful 2 year old daughter. While Kavi loves playing poker and spends most of his lunch breaks making poker deals on gaming apps, he does hope to alternate that with frequent visits to The Preschool App once his daughter starts pre-school next year. After all, it’s so much nicer to see a video of the little princess playing when you want to get some instant love and motivation to get through a busy day.

Suganya - Product

A chatterbox, (pretty much like the preschool kids we are making the app for!) and a nocturnal soul, Suganya loves to go on long road trips. Needless to say, She supports the cause of The Preschool App, so that parents on long road trips too can stay updat-ed with their child’s progress at school.